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A Groomed Pet is a Happy Pet!!

Grooming Services

Grooming Benefits

Pets certainly know when they are clean and looking good. Well-groomed pets are happier, better behaved, healthier, and more outgoing. Just like the rest of us, they feel good when they look good. Riley Rue offers a complete line of grooming services to bring out the best of appearance and personality in any breed.

Plus, regular professional grooming can sometimes be your 1st line of defense against illness for your pets. As I am grooming, I will examine your pet's skin and coat for any irregularities, such as lumps, bumps, flaky skin, external parasites, funny odors and redness and will report any potential problems to the owner.


We offer a Book and Hold discount of 5%. If you book your pets next appointment (with in 8 weeks) at time of pick up, and hold that date, you will save 5% on your pets base groom price.

Bath and Brush
This is an essential service that maintains the appearance and hygiene of your pet. Each Bath service at Riley Rue includes:

  • Professional Grade shampoos
  • All blow drying done by hand (NEVER by cage dryers)
  • Full brushing out and de-matting as needed
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Bandanna and cologne as desired
  • Leave in conditioner for shine and softness

Your dog or cat will look fuller, healthier, and more colorful. It will look and feel younger and smell terrific!

Full Groom
This service includes all Bath items above plus:

  • Trimming around paws, ears, sanitary areas and any loose ends
  • Styling to breed standard specifications
  • Styling to customer driven specifications

You decide exactly how you want your pet to look, how long or short the hair should be . Riley Rue grooming will work hard to give your pet the individual look you want that will assuredly bring out the essence of its personality.

There are many variables in pet grooming, such as whether your pet has long or short hair and also if the hair is matted and tangled. All pets are different. Riley Rue starts with a base price for every breed and goes from there. Factors which determine the price of a service include:

  • Amount of scissor work
  • Brushing
  • Clipping
  • Degree of matting
  • Difficulty of the cut
  • Drying time
  • Length of hair

However, you will find our prices quite reasonable. I will be happy to quote you a price range over the phone, and I invite your inquiries.

Grooming and Spa Options

  • Furminator De-shedding: $10 and up. (Furminator shampoo, solution, and tools used)
  • Tooth brushing/breath freshening: $5
  • Nail trimming: $10-$20 
  • Musher's Secret Pad Protection, $5 
  • Gift Certificates Available
Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming is also offered at Riley Rue. You may ask why would my cat need to be groomed? The reason your favorite kitty could need a bath is this: Cats fur sometimes gets too oily or excessively dirty in which case a good bath would help keep Mr. Kitty clean and fresh. Another possibility is if you have a long hair cat it may have difficulty grooming itself thoroughly which can lead to tangles and mats. These tangles and mats left untreated can become very painful to your cat and can sometimes lead to sores. The best thing to do in this scenario is get your cat shaved and start over. Whatever your reason for bringing Mr. Kitty in, I would be happy to serve your needs.

Furminator De-Shedding Treatment

Sick of fur all over your couches, beds, clothes, and furniture? Try the Furminator de-shedding treatment! This special de-shedding treatment removes the dead undercoat and loose hair without sacrificing the healthy top coat, and reduces shedding by up to 90%!! This de-shedding treatment helps tremendously to reduce the mess and clean up of unwanted hair. This treatment works wonders on any double coated dog and cats too!!

Tooth brushing/ Breath Freshening

Dogs, just like people can also develop cavities. Their teeth should be brushed at least once a week. A couple of common problems that pets lacking dental hygiene have are loose teeth and terrible breath. Many studies have shown that 98% of pets with bad breath are suffering from periodontal disease, a direct result of plaque build up. Left untreated, this can cause a bacterial infection, which can then enter the bloodstream and spread to your dog's vital organs such as their kidneys, liver, heart and even their brain! Chances are, if your dog or cat has bad breath, there could very likely be a problem with his or her teeth.

Give your pet the gift of clean healthy teeth! I use poultry flavored toothpaste that is completely safe and edible for pets. It also makes the tooth-brushing experience a bit more tasty!

  I also recommend having your pet's teeth professionally cleaned by your veterinarian at least once a year. 

"Musher's Secret" Pad Protection

All season paw protection for your favorite friend. This is an non-toxic, non allergenic, dense barrier wax that forms a breathable bond with your dog's paws. Musher's Secret protects your dog from salt and chemicals, ice build-up, snowballing, sand and sandburn, hot pavement, and rough terrain. Also, it can help speed the healing process on existing sores by keeping dirt and debris out of the wound.

Our lives are active and so are our pets. So whether you take your pet jogging, biking, mountain climbing, beach combing, cross-country skiing, mushing, or just plain walking Musher's Secret will put a barrier between paws and off road and street hazards, so your trip will be worry free!

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